Orange Soft

is an Egyptian company specialized in software and integrated solutions for Applied Systems. These solutions are developed and implemented by the means of the latest development tools and database technologies, and by the hands of a qualified team who possess great expertise in the field of software.

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Implementation and Utilization of e-smart government to provide world-class services and supporting systems to both governmental and private sectors that complies with the Arab laws.

OUR SERVICE and solutions


  • Orange Soft is keen to provide immediate technical support to its customers.
  • Highly user-friendly applications that is easily implemented and totally utilized.
  • Easy conversion and transfer of data through fully integrated system.
  • Developed by the latest development tools (ORACLE 11G – ADF TOOLS – JAVA LANGUAGE).
  • Fully integrated with the following systems (GIS – SMS – ARCHIVING – E.SERVICE – BUSINESS MOBILE APPS – KPI'S)


  • E-Smart government systems and applications
  • Financial and administrative systems.
  • Support Systems
  • Secretariats and municipal systems
  • Electronic services
  • Smart mobiles systems and services
  • Performance Measurements Indicators
  • Electronic archiving
  • Designing and developing websites


Financial and administrative systems

Secretariats and municipal

Support systems


Designing and developing of portals and websites in accordance with the international standards and with the standards of Saudi Arabia program “Yas'ser”.

Mobile Applications

The company designs and develops mobile applications on different platforms “Android- iOS”

Technical specifications

The application is available on APPLE devices via APPLE STORE and on Android devices via GOOGLE PLAY.

Improved Services

  • Employee Self-Service and Employment
  • Citizen Services
  • Administrative Communications
  • Reporting
  • Contracts and competitions
  • Licenses of all kinds
  • Investment

Performance measurement indicators

Is a system based on the BI TECHNOLOGY that enables the utmost utilization of previously stored data through the applied systems and in order to help the persons in charge in the decision making process.

  • Administrative Communications
  • Licenses of all kinds
  • Investment
  • Grants of all kinds
  • Reports of all kinds
  • Compatible with all types of database


The company designs and develops all types of websites in compliance with the international standards and with the use of the latest development tools and providing web hosting services.

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  • Websites
  • Web Portals


حفل افطار الشركة / رمضان 2016

Oracle Partner


ADF developer
Web developer


Orange Soft

Egypt – Cairo – Autostrad – Maadi – 100 EmtedadElamal Towers – NO. 58
Phone no. :- 002-02-27004702
Fax no. :- 002-02-27004703
Email :-

Masarat for Information Technology

Saudi Arabia, The Main center-Jeddah-AL Rehab – PrinceMetebst.-No. 201
Tel :- 00966 -12 - 6593999
Fax :- 00966 – 12 - 6595666

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